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Providing Knowledge to the Nigerian Civil Service

The Public Service Institute of Nigeria (PSIN) is the central learning institution for the Nigerian Public Service, and plays a pivotal role in developing people for a first class public service. The Institute offers a comprehensive suite of programmes that build strategic capacity in the public service, focusing particularly on core areas in public governance, leadership, public administration and management.

Head of the Civil Service of the Federation
Administrator/CEO, Public Service Institute of Nigeria
Abdul-Ganiyu Obatoyinbo PhD, fmic, mni

The e-Learning Mandate

Increasing the Reach of Knowledge

We have a resolve to get knowledge to the maximum number of Civil Service of Nigeria in the fastest and easiest way. Today, it is a known fact that without ICT in today’s world you cannot make impact. Public service has the mandate of training and we cannot achieve that without ICT. We’ll definitely need ICT infrastructure to execute these training because we cannot bring everybody her physically. But we’re here to achieve the target that we want to in all our economic industries which includes the ease of doing business. ICT is key, even the strategic plan approved by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) as projected by the government, it shows that ICT is the central key.

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