Digital Transformation: Business Development and Marketing


Learn how to evolve and market your product and services in a digitally transforming business landscape.


Type: course

Organisation:KTHx: KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Subjects:Business & Management,Engineering,Computer Science

Course Length (Hrs):

Language: English

Full Description:

Has the introduction of digital technology made the old theories for business development and marketing obsolete? These tried and true theories, processes and methods are still valued, but they are now turbocharged. Technology has enabled businesses to leverage more opportunities and it’s important to understand how you can take advantage of these developments.

This course will not offer a complete overview of all the latest digital marketing technologies, but ratherhelp you understand a general approach to the subject on a strategic level. With that understanding, you will find it easier to navigate the landscape of evolving tools and get the highest business development and marketingvalue. You will learn about new possibilities for business development and marketing and how to utilize them as a strategic tool foryour company’s digital transformation.

This course is part of the Digital Transformation Professional Certificate program.